We cater for every occasion, small and large events up to 500 people, indoors or outside. From delightful finger food to meals – we deliver a bespoke menu that suits your event and budget.

Our food is lovingly prepared with high-quality and, wherever we can, locally sourced ingredients. We cook meat (halal), fish, vegetarian and vegan dishes from African and Middle Eastern cuisines for all tastes.

Get inspired and have a look at our signature dishes listed below.


Kenyan Kidney Bean Extravaganza (V)
Kidney beans with spinach, tomatoes, coconut milk and potatoes served with rise and salad.

Alija (V)
Eritrean dish prepared with potatoes, carrots, tomatoes and ginger flavoured with sultanas served with rice and salad.

Moroccan Vegetable Stew (V)
Stew with lentils, onion, pumpkin, tomatoes, green pepper, garlic and herbs.

Somali Vegetable Curry (V)
A blend of carrots, spinach, cauliflower, potatoes, tomatoes and beans served with wholemeal chapattis.

Eritrean Fish Soup
Cod with onion, garlic, butter and parsley.

Eritrean Zigni
Stew with cubes of lamb, onions, tomatoes, garlic and chilli served with rice and salad.

Chicken Tagine
Slow stewed Maroccan dish with chicken legs, carrots, baby potatoes, onions, herbs and olives.

Somali Sugaar
Cubes of lamb with mixed vegetables, carrots, green peppers, potatoes, garlic and ginger served with rice and salad.

Finger food

Somali Samosas
Meat or vegetable.

Sudanese Falafel
Served with salad, hummous, chilli or tahini sauce and pitta bread.

Sudanese Bazinjan
Dip with aubergine, fresh tomatoes, garlic and peanut butter served with bread.